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    Ditto Kids

    As parents, we recognize the vital importance of an education rich with not just diversity education but anti-bias, anti-racism and decolonized history/social studies- and that education needs to start early. But how to do it?

    When you live in a society and world where we're all "breathing in the smog of racism" as Dr. Beverly Tatum says, one off conversations are not enough. I needed access to recurring reliable resources. We need content that we can hold in our hands as we guide our children. We need help finding the words to explain some of the darkest corners of our society in a way that won't scare our young children, and won't diminish their self-esteem. We need something that will empower them and encourage their love for themselves and others around them while still giving them real history in a developmentally appropriate way- the information that we never really learned in school.