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    Stars and Dandelions

    Created by Nicolle Grassl in Milwaukee, WI exclusively for BlackBear Children's Boutique! Nicolle began making bows when her daughter, was in kindergarten to match her school uniform and when she added in other fabrics she just couldn’t stop making them! Stars and Dandelions was officially born in the summer of 2018 as Nicolle, our boutique's photographer, stepped in to create beautiful, yet simple bows for our photo shoots! The timing couldn't have been better; we needed a bow line for the shop and her bows were even more than we imagined! 

    Thank you for supporting us and Giving Back!
    Both BlackBear Children's Boutique & Stars and Dandelions are excited to be able to help children in need. For every bow sold, one dollar is donated to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. 

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