Minnow Swim Size Guide

do you make suits for babies?

our smallest size, 0-6 months, fits infants up to 6 months old. we recommend size 1 for ages 6 months to 18 months. all babies are so different, so definitely take a peek at the sizing chart on each product page to be sure. 

what size should I get if my child weighs x lbs?

we provide sizing info based on measurements in inches, as we feel it's a bit more accurate than by pounds. Please refer to the sizing charts on each product page for our suit measurements. 

how does the sizing break down?

we are true to size. although, as you know all bodies are so unique. a general guidelines we suggest below:


- size 1: 6 mo - 18 mo

- size 2T: 18 mo - 2.5 years

- size 3/4T: 2.5 years - 4.5 years

- size 5/6T: 4. years - 6.5 years

- size 7/8: 6.5 years - 8.5 years

- size 9/10: 8. years - 10 years

- size 11/12: 10.5 years - 12 years


do your suits run true to size?

yes, they do! with that, minnow has a slimmer, more european fit. if you're on the fence about sizing, we suggest going up a size so the suit can last a little longer.