Oso & Me

The Fit

Designed to expand the lifespan of traditional childrens wear, most products are unisex, serve dual purposes and have flexible sizing elements that allow each item to always fit perfectly. If you can have something that lasts longer, then that is one less item you buy or throw away later, win for your wallet win for our planet. We believe in Buying less and getting More.

oso and me size guide baby
oso and me size guide child

Our Growable clothes grow with your children. Growable Pants are lined with a contrast print; they can be cuffed, worn straight, or even a little cropped. Growable Dresses are designed with the intention to be worn as shirts later on. Finally clothes that last longer than a year.

Reversible shirt, reversible pant, reversible dress...they are what they sound like. In one item we allow your child to choose between two great options.

Our flexible clothes allow you to have a perfect fit every time. Flexible dresses have extra buttons as well as a longer tie for your child’s unique waist. Flexible pants can be worn high on the waist, low on the waist, wherever you want on the waist. After all children come in all different shapes and sizes.